Corporate Realty Services, LLC is a leader provider of lender default services with coast to coast coverage.  We represent a multitude of corporate clients across the country, servicing and managing REO inventory, as well providing broker price opinions (BPOs), automated valuation models (AVMs), among other intelligent products throughout various stages of transfer, portfolio acquisition or liquidation.


Our company executives are six sigma practitioners, and our staff is trained utilizing six-sigma processes on the field, and on the desk when assessing values, reviewing inventory for sale, and finding the right solution for REO liquidation.   These unique company processes with our field knowledge, municipal and state law, help reduce our clients losses while maximizing return and recovery.  


Why Corporate Realty Services?


With our methodology processes, technology tools, and our elite local partners, we are proven to be the right connection between your business goals, and REO Disposition.  Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons. Some REO departments that are overworked, and/or understaffed‚ simply need to outsource some or all of their real estate owned portfolio to a firm they can rely on. Other lenders select Corporate Realty Services, LLC so they can redirect their resources and focus their energies on their primary business. Other clients come to us to reduce the costs associated with a permanent, internal staff. And many of our clients are in search of the specialized experience and expertise we provide. No matter what the reason for selecting our company, all of our clients benefit from our ability to save them time and money, while keeping them fully informed as to the status of their properties. 




Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

Brokers Price Opinions are the essential alternative valuation tool for financial institutions or private investors currently pursuing mortgage origination, property short sale, refinancing, loss mitigation, transfer, and collection efforts. Corporate Realty Services has a network of over 30,000 trained and screened local licensed real estate professionals that know the local markets and perform our BPO services. As part of our vendor network, the agents also perform onsite inspections and provide marketing recommendations on every broker price opinion. All of our valuation products meet the highest level of quality control using our multi-level control review process.  Every valuation report we produce  adheres to state and IAG regulations.

Automated Valuation Models 

What is an AVM? AVM or Automated Valuation Model is the collection of data using multiple public and private databases that combine with an algorithm create a real estate property valuation that is based on standard value rules use by appraisers.  Property proximity to comparables, as well as days on the market, time of sale, and size of the property are taken in consideration when producing an AVM.   This product has a quick turn around and the cost varies depending on the type of AVM.    For REO we have the standard AVM which is widely popular.  Learn about our AVM Products.


Commercial BPOs

What is a Commercial BPO? A Commercial Broker Price Opinion is one that requires a different valuation approach than a tranditional residential BPO. This comprehensive report takes an income approach, sales and active listings, usage, and sales only where there is a shortage of listings.  Our commercial BPO is done a variety of properties including multi-tenants or combos, hotels, gas stations, offices, retail, apartments, industrial, land, restaurants, and warehouses.  Learn more about our Commercial BPOs


REO Management Services

We specialize in the liquidation of single, multi-family residences, commercial property, and bulk REO sale.  We maximize return on corporate assets by combining a great deal of practical experience and cutting edge technology. With this we are able to move REO faster and channel it through our massive online resources, investor network, and systematic technologies.   We have strong and strategic relationships with nationwide investors, auctioneers and other REO service providers.  Because of our proven experience and marketing skills we are able to offer our corporate real estate clients a complete, fast, and most efficient solution to REO disposition.

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Short Sale Solutions

With today's financial regulation turmoil, Corporate Realty Services, LLC (CRS) has become the partner of choice to many financial institutions nationwide.  When foreclosure is not an option, CRS helps mitigate delinquency and further property deterioration by bridging a successful sale between the homeowner and a financially ready homebuyer.  We study all possible avenues to stop further losses on the property and provide recommendation to our clients with the best and most efficient way to sale the home.   We have a team of specialists that offer support and education to homeowners in need of foreclosure prevention.

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Property Condition Inspections  

We provide our clients with field or property inspection services while the properties are in redemption. Our services include vacancy status, courier services, broker price opinions,, municipal compliance, and REO property preservation. If contact is made with the occupant/tenant and where possible we will aim to obtain the names and other contact information to determine who is occupying the property.  Upon making successful contact our local agent will negotiate cash for keys for 30-day possession.  A Drive-by BPO is prepared and sent to the client along with a damage property deport.   If the property is found vacant and in need of securing, we will select a vendor to secure the home within pre-approval expenditure limit or provide written bids if the quote exceeds the maximum expense parameter allowed.                  Read more>>>   


Our Corporate Culture

At Corporate Realty Services, we consider our corporate culture to be among our greatest strengths.  Since the start of our company, our employees have contributed to great ideas that have helped structured this organization into what it is today; a great company to work for where great ideas are match with our core values thus producing excellent service at each tier level.


"Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you." -Thomas Jefferson 

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