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Corporate Realty Services provides nationwide appraisal services using qualified valuation experts through the company's Appraisal Management Company (AMC) national network.   We are your one stop for all of your valuation needs including residential and commercial appraisal services.   We manage all of the administrative functions of the appraisal service including compliance review, QC, and accounts payable.   


Corporate Realty Services uses an appraisal vendor system thats scores and evaluates appraisers based on performance and assigns orders only to those vendors that meet the highest scores necessary to remain in our vendor network.   All of our appraisal reports comply with USPAP requirements, including HUD and regulatory standards. 


Features and Benefits:


  • IAG Compliance- we ensure full regulatory compliance and use only network approved and licensed appraisals who meet best practices.  
  • Standarization- we use a standard report which makes it easy to read and complies with industry regulations.
  • One Stop Management - as a AMC we handle ongoing status communication, QC, administrative functions, and accounts payable. 
  • USPAP Requirements-  we comply with all USPAP requirements and ensure that all appraisers in our panel are properly licensed. 
  • Our Commitment - we make it our goal to know your business goals and deliver highly accurate, compliant, and on time appraisals.
  • Quality Control-  our appraisals pass through a rigorous two tier QC process to ensure accuracy and compliance before it is delivered.  


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