(Commercial Broker Price Opinions) 


Corporate Realty Services offers multiple customized commercial BPOs forms designed to assess different markets  and property types; Combo or mixed use, apartments, strip centers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.   All Commercial BPOs are performed by qualified commercial real estate agents and reviewed by commercial appraisals before final delivery.  Our most common report is an exterior commercial bpo.    Upon client request we can enhance the report by completing an interior commercial bpo with pictures, damage report, market activity, location, three active and three sold comparable.



Commercial Price Opinions (BPO) are an excellent alternative valuation tool if you are a financial institution, hedge fund, investor, or government entity currently extending credit, refinancing, loss mitigation, secondary opinion and collection efforts.  With a nationwide network of qualified commercial real estate professionals  and our rigorous QC process, Corporate Realty Services is able to deliver unmatched world class service on every commercial BPO it delivers.


Our Commercial BPO reports include:


  • Subject property description
  • Market conditions affecting the subject property
  • Three active comparable listings
  • Three  sold comparable listings
  • Transaction history and sale records of the subject property
  • Geo location map and proximity to the subject property
  • Observation commentary 
  • Adjustments and detailed comments 
  • Photographs of the subject property


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