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HOAs many be taking advantage of mortgage servicing companies.

Orlando, Fl 04.10-17 Servicers should avoid HOA liens for unpaid assessments which tipically have priority of second mortgages.  As first mortgages receive prefferencial treatment, they often on the hook for high payments. 

Mortgage lenders are refinancing more over new purchases.  

Orlando, Fl 04.10-17 the 2008 mortgage crisis brought new legislation and many changes to the mortgage industry.  As a result, most lenders prefer refinancing loans loans over new purchases.   

Conforming loans have a hard time keeping up.

Orlando, FL 04.10-17 according to new data from Ellie Mae, last month we saw and increase of 3.2 percent in mortgage credit availability.   Three of the four components indices of MCAI saw increase, with the Jumbo MCAI jumping 11.7 percent.

MLHC expands it offices in Texas.

Orlando, FL 04.10-17 Mother Lode Holding Company Expands in Texas.  MLHC will be opening national title branches in several counties of Texas.  “I am excited to launch Texas National Title,” said Tandy. “I have felt for a long time that there is a place for a large, well-capitalized independent agent in Texas.

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