HOA Management Services​

(Homeowners Association Management)


Corporate Realty Services provides HOA management services to mortgage servicing companies and investors nationwide.  We research the properties, identify the factors associated with the presence of HOA, notify all parties our involvement, collect all documentation (delinquency notices, HOA liens, bylaws, etc.) and begin to immediately negotiate any HOA claims affecting the sale of the property.  We then provide our clients with a summary report and notification of all findings and the appropriate steps to take the property out of delinquency status.   Furthermore, we work closely with the HOA and title companies to track HOA continue recurring expenses and to ensure that all liens are released before the transfer of title.         

HOA Management Solutions - we continue to monitor and manage all communications and recurring monthly payments with the HOA companies until the properties are sold or transferred.  Corporate Realty Services will arrange payment in full on all delinquent assessments, late charges, interest, and other fees to bring your REO assets back to good standing.   Our office becomes one single point of contact for all communications and negotiations.      



Features and Benefits:


  • HOA May Set Aside First Lien Position -  there are 22 states where HOA can override first lien position.  We nelp avoid this risk.  
  • HOA and COA -  we understand the complexity and can help you navigate through the different regulations governing each association.  
  • Monthly Tracking- we track every property HOA or COA from the beginning to ensure all delinquecies are broght to current status.
  • Regulation Compliance -  
  • HOA Foreclosure Prevention-  

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