REO Property Preservation

(Real Estate Preservation)


Corporate Realty Services delivers world class property preservation and REO security services by maintaining vacant properties secured, cleaned and safe.   All of our preservation work is performed by the licensed and insured contractors and monitored by our internal associates to ensure municipal compliance and due diligence.   We can facilitate monthly billing with itemized reporting on each property.  Let us help you manage all the preservation service from default to sale while you focus your attention to areas of your business. 

REO Property Preservation can be a huge task on its own to some companies that are not familiar with the know-how-to and frequency of monitoring the preservation process to ensure that properties remain secured and safe throughout all seasons.  We provide a wide range of preservation services which include security, winterization, and debris removal, convey maintenance, lawn care, and snow removal.   We work closely with our national vendor network and municipalities to ensure a safety and regulation compliance.



Features and Benefits:


  • Municipal Compliance- we maintain all properties within municipal code and help avoid nuisance.
  • Curb Appeal- by giving recurrent maintenance to the properties we increase marketability and profitability.
  • Monthly Billing - you will get one itemized monthly invoice per property.
  • Licensed and Insured - all work is perform by licensed and insured vendors which minimizes your exposure.
  • Preventive Maintenance- using our preservation services we will stop further deterioration on your assets and increase buyer's interest.
  • Frequent Onsite Inspections - our representatives will be onsight for recurring maintenance and become another eye on the assets.


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